Manchester Music 2012


Jon Ashley from Music Dash (Manchester Music) had this to say

From Leeds Matt Bentley (formerly of Lancashire town Burnley), follows up his very capable 2010 album ‘Entropy’ with a release packed with rhythms and acoustic flourishes. Although solo, Matt prefers to work with a full accompaniment, which maybe bucks the trend at the moment, but which also provides a very satisfying progression on his proven folk roots and influences. Strings are carefully laid over his lively strums and his voice contains an attractive, edgy style that transforms easily into rounds of splendid melodics. ‘Sacred Sealife’ is an interesting topic in itself, but the simple pick of guitar, keys and Matt’s switch from a tender, falsetto peaked voice to a room commanding swagger is a worthy spectacle. The skiffling ‘The King Of Leeds’ is an excellent solo anthem for a night out on the streets of Yorkshire’s population capital. The rousing acoustic work on ‘Let It Go’ is pretty , skilful and creates a wonderful setting to the more soft but quick fire observational lyrics. ‘Something To Find’ is an album with many variations on a very capable theme – Matt Bentley has made this interesting and relevant and in the realm of the singer-songwriter, that’s an important aspect that’s that‘s often absent in this genre.

3.5 / 5