It’s All Happening


Either Dan, Francesca or Michael (it doesn’t say who on the review) at It’s All Happening Webzine said:

Singer songwriters. They need a new name, or they aint never gonna be cool. Being in a band, even if it is Bewitched, can still rouse images of rocknroll excess. Singer songwriter on the other hand is what you call the determined yet deluded minstrel strumming away to 3 people.

I digress.

Entropy is a folk album, of the old kind. Not indie folk or electro folk or Jack Penate folk, or watered down rock or bed wetting Keane, but that of the story telling traditional kind. Gentle and balanced in its agrestic simplicity, yet variegated enough due to a subtle fusion of influences, ranging from the Gaelic lilt of Little Johnny to the Spanish style Sonata. Title track Entropy has a Halleluiah-esque feel, but its measured pace never packs that emotive punch of Buckleys classic.

Seven years as a solo artists, this third album from Matt Bentley, reports on mixed feelings, home towns and new places, lost love, depression, but in a measured and direct manner that ensures it never feels disheartening. The jaunty Hurt You is propelled along by finger clicks, and A Thousand Times is folk story telling at its best, direct balladry enhanced by subtle strings, evoking images of outsider watching the house lights dimming, the sough of the wind being picked up in the soft dexterity of the fingers.

Ultimately though theres just not enough excitement in being an acoustic, folk, singer songwriter, music seems to demand mash ups, and so Matt Bentley is unlikely to make it a big stage any time soon. For those prepared to delve a little deeper than the folk fusions, Entropy is well worth a listen.