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Phil Edwards of Americana UK said:

Wikipedia tells us that Entropy is a measure of how organized or disorganized a system is and its an important part of the second law of thermodynamics. Crikey, I dont know about that, but this is Bentleys third body of work, but the first to be widely released.

Sounding not dissimilar to John Lees from the early Barclay James Harvest days, Bentley has apparently been influenced by a variety of musical genres ranging from indie, jazz and ska through to heavy metal and punk. But there are not a lot of hints of his previous influences on this primarily contemporary folky sound.

This album is built with layers which swirl around the room and keep you all warm and cuddly. Sonata has been re-mastered from an earlier release and builds on the acoustic guitar riff with Bentleys vocals accentuating the rhythm.

There are a couple of instrumentals that work well. Instrumental In A-Minor (not instrumental in a miner “ that would be just weird) is the faster of the two but not by much, whereas Instrumental #2 wouldnt sound out of place in a film noir.

Opener This Old Town be-bops along with its infectious chuggy guitar and swinging trombones, supplied by Ian Dudfield from KID iD. A similar guitar beat refrain underpins Sacrifice. A Thousand Times slows things down and ensures Bentley doesnt peak too early. Little Johnny and Here One Day demonstrates Bentleys skill at rattling out the lyrics with hardly taking breath.

So overall this a gentle piece of work with some inspired moments. Its not often that an artist who describes himself as œacoustic, manages to engage those of us who really prefer some electric riffs in our iPods. Bentley has done just that.