How I use cookies

A cookie is a small packet of text dropped onto your computer/device. I use Google Analytics on my site, which is a popular free analytical tool used by all kinds of websites and which utilises cookies in order to work.

It helps me see which bits of my site you like to visit and which bits you don’t, so I can keep the info fresh, keep the site easy to use and get rid of any unneccessary gubbins that’s cluttering up the place. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean I’ll know anything about you personally, and nor does it mean that I’ll start following you around the web and target Matt Bentley ads at you!

For more info on cookies and types of cookies, you could do worse than to have a look at this website.

Third parties

You might also have noticed that I have share buttons on my site provided by ShareThis, a Twitter feed and that I pull in videos from Youtube. It is likely that using this site and making use of these features will drop cookies from these third parties onto your computer/device – many of these will simply to be to enable these functions to work correctly but some may be analytical or advertising cookies. I do not have access to, or control over these cookies, but you can visit the individual provider websites in question to view their privacy and cookie policies if you wish to know more.

Also, please note that when you click to view my shop (provided by Big Cartel) or Twitter from the top menu, you are leaving this site completely and should refer to the privacy and cookie policy of these websites for more information.

Blocking cookies

Most web providers respect browser settings when it comes to cookies, so if you want to block cookies from being dropped on your computer/device then please use your browser tools to change your settings to block cookies.

Thanks for reading 🙂