From various reviews and biographies, I’ve ascertained the following about Matt Bentley (me):

Matt Bentley is a singer songwriter from Burnley, but has carved out his reputation as a delicate and intricate performer, with haunting vocals and melodies, since moving over to Leeds. He’s been playing live as a solo artist for ten years. In that time, he’s recorded four albums; of those, the third – Entropy – was given a full release at the start of 2010, while the fourth – Something to Find – was released in the spring of 2012. Both received good reviews.

He’s supported acts like Passenger, First Aid Kit, Jim Noir, Jon Gomm, Chris Helme, Martin Stephenson, Roger Davies and Maia. He regularly gigs on the Leeds circuit, and around England, though his gig-travels have taken him as far as New York. He appears regularly on local radio, including a number of appearances on BBC Radio Leeds, yet still finds time to run his own nights.

More recently, he’s been performing regularly with his girlfriend Steph Stephenson, and more likely than not that’s how you’ll see him playing these days. She’s got an EP due out in early 2014, and Matt has another solo album planned. After that, it’s the duo all the way.

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